Daily maintenance of production line

Cleaning the mold, plastic pipe outer surface with grooves, adjust the size of the vacuum degree can be changed outside the park size; adjust the traction speed can be changed outside the park size; modified fixed size sleeve hole; shaping machine, spray nozzle angle adjustment in vacuum, the average cooling pipe; check the vacuum forming machine, spray tank water level, water pressure the spray pressure gauge large and powerful; setting machine, spray temperature check the vacuum, if more than 35 DEG C, the need to configure the chilled water system or increase the spray cooling tank; check the water, cleaning the filter; adjustment process; check and amend the sizing sleeve hole Yuandu; adjusting pipe guide holding device, to correct tubing ellipticity; the mold wall thickness adjustment; forming machine and spray nozzle vacuum box angle adjustment, the average cooling pipe; adjusting sleeve out of the water, the average effluent apart; Die, die check internal screw is loose, and re tighten; adjustment process; adjust the mould core heating temperature and internal mould ventilation cooling; check gauge long wheel is pressed; check meter long wheel swing, long wheel fixing bracket bolts and tighten meter; check the cutting machine stroke switch has not damaged

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