Features of PE pipe production line

Introduction of PE pipe production line

PE pipe production line has a unique structure, high automation, convenient operation, stable and reliable production. The plastic pipe production line production pipeline has a moderate rigidity, strength, and has good flexibility, resistance to creep, high stress cracking resistance and good thermal performance, has become a city gas conveying pipeline and outdoor pipe product of choice.

PE pipe production line is composed of control system, extruder, die head, shaping and cooling system, traction machine, planet cutting device and turning rack. Each pipe production line has two extrusion machines, the main one extruder using a strong conveyor liner and efficient screw, and another smaller extruder for extrusion line.

Die and the auxiliary equipment: head adopt the latest design of basket die or spiral flow pipe extruding compound die, has the advantages of convenient adjustment, discharging characteristics of uniform, fixing diameter sleeve cooling of slotting technology and water ring adopting unique to ensure pipe molding precision.

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