How to identify the authenticity of PPR tube

As a new type of PP-R pipe materials, with unique advantages, its are avirulent, qualitative light, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, with a special hot melt connection, will not rust corrosion and PP-R pipe will not scale, is becoming the material of a kind of promotion. Due to its relatively simple production process, currently on the market appeared a lot of PP-R pipe and pipe fittings of counterfeit products, in order to help users can from the appearance and feel of preliminary identification authenticity of PP-R pipe and pipe fittings, can refer to the following a few methods of recognition: Product Name: true PP-R products name should be "hot and cold water with polypropylene tubes or" hot and cold water using PP-R pipe ", who dubbed the ultrafine particle modified polypropylene pipe (PP-R) or PP-R pipe, PP-R hot water pipes, PP-E tube of non formal name are pseudo PP-R pipe. The density of pseudo PP-R is slightly larger than that of the true PP-R. True PP-R tube is white matt or other color Matt, pseudo PP-R tube gloss bright or bright color. The true PP-R pipe completely opaque, pseudo PP-R tube slightly transparent or semi transparent. The PP-R really feel soft, smooth pseudo PP-R tube. The PP-R tube is really landing sound boring, pseudo PP-R tube landing sound is ringing. It should be noted that the pseudo PP-R tube service life is only 1 ~ 5 years, and the true PP-R tube service life in more than 50 years.

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